E-Loading Business

UniLoadBiz.COM is powered by LOADCENTRAL, the most successful distribution solution provider for all prepaid services in the Philippines today.
With LoadCentral, any person with a cellular phone or PC with internet connection that has been registered into the LoadCentral database can dispense and retail prepaid card products without even carrying any sort of prepaid card inventory.
If you want an e-loading business UniLOAD is perfect to your needs.
UniLOAD 1sim Loads All network  Smart, Talk n'Text, Globe, Touch Mobile, Sun Cellular, Red Mobile,Call Cards, Gaming Cards,
PLDT Cards, Internet Cards, Smart Broadband, Globe Tattoo, and many more.

1 Big Poster
20 Fliers
1 Dealer ID
20 Retailer's
3 Dealer's
1 Eco Bag
**Unlimited Retailer Accounts

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Contact us @ 09182443645

5 Ways to earn

  • Direct Selling. Become your own retailer. Sell eloads and receive in your retailer account up to 23% commission on each sale while getting as much as 5% commission in your dealer account. Or use for your own lifetime personal consumption.
  • Retailers Registration. Earn as much as Php200 every retailer activation. You have the option to charge your retailer upon signup. If they go directly to LoadCentral, they will be required to have an initial investment of Php1000. With UniLOAD, no minimum loadwallet deposit, no minimum maintaining balance.
  • Retailers Overrides. Earn up to 5% commission on every retailers sale. Track your GRO (gross retailer overrides) inside your online inventory system.
  • Direct Referral Incentives. Receive Php500 for every dealer that you sponsor. 
  • Team Sales Incentives. This is the explosive earning of being a UniLOAD dealer. Receive Php500 for every pairing.

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Selling Of Eloads
Sell up to 500+ eload variants
Eload discounts up to 25%

Retailer Registration
You can charge for every Retailer Registration
40 Retailers x P200 = P8,000
But i give it for "FREE"
Retailer's Override
Earn up to 5% commission to your Retailer's Load Sales
20 retailer's sells P500 eload per day
20 x 500 = P10000 x 30days = 300,000 x 3% = P9,000
Good luck and have a happy eloadingbiz !